This is a classic excursion and one the best-known hikes in south America that you can do in Cusco this hike will take you through the sun gate to Machu Picchu, this 4-day hike to Machu Picchu you will experience not only the paved Inca road you will see lots of Incan ruins with incredible views along the way till Machu Picchu these sites were used as logging back in the day and some of them where religious places related with agricultural purposes, but you also won’t see only Inca sites along the way you will have stunning views and green valleys with lots of flora and fauna from the area all of this with be explained by the professional tour guide who will be with you this 4 days.

where is the starting point of the Inca trail?

originally the Inca trail used to start in Cusco so the Incas to visit Machu Picchu used to start hiking from Cusco, in 1532 with the arrival of the Spaniards some of the trails were destroyed this is the main reason that nowadays the official Inca trail started at kilometer 82 in this place is located the official checkpoint where you have to show all the tickets and passports and porters they have to do the same as well they have weight their stuff nowadays the porters carries 20 kilos which is reglementary and regulated by the Peruvian Ministry of culture after you pass this checkpoint and cross the river you are officially on the Machu Picchu Park.

How long is the classic Inca trail to Machu Picchu?

The Inca trail has a length of 26 miles or 42.50 kilometers, yes probably you are thinking is not so far must be an easy hike! It could be if you are acclimated to the altitude because in this hike you will go over 4000 meters and is full of stairs up and downs that make the hike a bit complicated but not impossible.

When is the best time to hike the Inca trail?

The best time to hike the Inca trail is from April to mid-October here in the Andes is our dry season so you will have sunny days most of the days so you can enjoy more your hike with great clear views, during the night the temperature is colder because our dry season is winter this time of the year is considered our high season so you have to book in advance in case you are thinking to hike the Inca trail from Mid-October to March is our rainy season or our summer it may rain every night or during the day too just you need to be prepared with good rain gear and still, you will enjoy your hike to Machu Picchu if you are lucky you will have beautiful days without rain all vegetation look better green and lush than the dry season, but the hike it is unique in the rainy season or in the dry season it is the only hike that takes you straight to Machu Picchu.

How to get ready for the Inca trail to Machu Picchu

This is very important to get ready before you venture to Machu Picchu, one of the best ways is to stay at least 48 hours over 3000 meters above sea level Cusco has an elevation of 3350 meters and is a perfect place to stay before your trek you can take advantage to explore the Cusco city tour or Sacred valley and Maras Moray tours are day tours offered in Cusco if you don’t have time to arrive couple days before your tour try to explore places at least 2000 meters above sea level in Peru or at home this will be very helpful for your Inca trail to avoid altitude sickness and you will enjoy better your hike to Machu Picchu.

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