Are you planning a trip to Peru? Find out what vaccines you can use, learn about the health situation and stay updated on the recommended prophylaxis.
Machu Picchu and the city of Cuzco are just some of the wonderful attractions that Peru offers to those who decide to venture through its unlimited peaks, its historic sanctuaries, and the ruins of the Inca civilization. While organizing your trip, do not forget to plan the necessary vaccinations to leave with the deserved peace of mind!

Health risks for those traveling to Peru

Peru is a tropical country and, as such, is subject to possible infections and viral diseases, mainly yellow fever, and malaria.
Therefore, it is advisable to stay updated: On the internet, there is information on tourist service pages. In the section dedicated to the Andean country, you will find a document related to the diseases present in Peru, with which you can find out about possible health risks.

Vaccines for those who travel to Peru

Although there are no mandatory vaccines, all travelers older than 9 months are recommended to perform prophylaxis for yellow fever, especially if the trip plans to stop in some areas located more than 2,300 meters above sea level, such as Amazon, Loreto, San Martin, and Ucayali. Always according to your doctor, it is also advisable to vaccinate hepatitis A and B.

Health conditions in Peru

Sanitary conditions in Peru are different from those in countries in North America or Europe, so it is important to take precautions to avoid not only infection but also simple intestinal disorders that can undermine the serenity of your trip.
Therefore, remember to drink only mineral or boiled water, and avoid eating raw fish and vegetables unless they are packed.

Hospital facilities and the Peruvian medical service.

Peruvian public health, despite being free, unfortunately, does not always reach European standards. There are also numerous private facilities, which however are very expensive and are not covered by the national health service.
To avoid incurring large costs in case of need for medical attention, it is recommended to enroll in a health policy that guarantees, in addition to the coverage of expenses, any repatriation or emergency transfer.
Having good health coverage will allow you to enjoy your trip with peace of mind: find the right AIG travel insurance for you and your vacation style.

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