Salcantay Inca trail

Salcantay & Inca Trail Adventure

Salcantay & Inca Trail Adventure

Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu is for those who are looking to combine two different adventures and love challenge, of course this is the best way to arrive to Machu Picchu following the ancient Inca Path and get in contact with sacred mountains like Salkantay considered the second highest mountain in the region of Cusco and most powerful after you conquer this you will have the change to join to the most important trail that used to connect Cusco with Machu Picchu.


Minimum hikers.

Book in advance.


Trip Type: Hiking, camping, adventure, history, culture.

Hiking Distance: 75 km – 47 miles.

Good For: Experienced hikers.

Starting Altitude: 2900m – 9515ft.

Highest Altitude: 5028 m – 16,495ft.

Coldest Night: Day 2 around -2º Celsius and day 3 around 0º Celsius.

Overall Difficulty: Challenging.

Recommendation: Permit required.


Salcantay & Inca Trail Adventure

DAY 1: Cusco Mollepata – Challacancha – Soraypampa.

We will collect you from the hotel in our private transport to take you to the starting point of our adventure to Salcantay & Inca trail adventure 7d/6n, from Cusco to Challacancha will take us 4 hours on the way we will pass through beautiful landscape as well will be able to see Salkantay glacier from the distance ones we arrive at Mollepata here we will stop in order to buy our breakfast then we continue driving Challacancha where will start our adventure.

After 15 minutes of hike you will arrive  to the water channel from here we will follow the channel all the way to Soraypampa, where is our lunch spot until lunch it will take us around 2 hours after lunch will visit lake called Tocarohuay (wrongly called Humantay lake and glacier) round trip it will take us 2 hours and a half then will have our tea time then dinner, day one over.

DAY 2:Soraypampa – Salkantaypampa – pampa Japonesa.

Early in the morning, our amazing Andean porters will wake you up with hot coca tea then you will have breakfast after nutritious breakfast we will start with our second-day Adventure from 3800 m. we will start going uphill towards Salkantay mountain with beautiful view along the way after 1 hour and a half we will arrive at Salkantay pampa from where we will turn to the right with direction to Inca Chiriaska pass after one hour going up we will have amazing view of Salkantay pass and the Humantay glacier and we will be closer to Salkantay mountain then we will arrive to Pampa Japonesa this is our lunch spot.

After lunch you can decide to stay here or continue in case you stay here you will have a chance to see another beautiful lake and get very close to Salkantay glacial after this little exploration around your camp you will have your tea time after tea time you will have the chance to see the amazing sunset this camp is one of the highest and with the most beautiful view the same for the sunrise, consider the coldest night along the trek, second day done!

DAY 3: Pampa Japonesa – Inca Chiriaska pass – Canal Inca – camp!

Our super Andean porters will wake us up with hot coca tea then we will enjoy our breakfast with break taking view of the mountains after breakfast we will conquer the highest point of our adventure from our camp it will take us 2 hours more or less depending on our personal pace pictures then we will start going down the first section will be steep then will get gentle with different landscape if we are lucky we can see condors we will continue going down until our lunch spot Sisay Pampa at this place our porters will waiting for us with delicious lunch after lunch we have to keep going down in this area we will see a lot of llamas an alpacas then we will arrive at the Inca canal where the Incas built a big water channel in order to dry the swamp and take advantage to farm in the area After the canal still we will hike for almost 1 more hour to get our campsite where our porter will be waiting for us with tens already set up for us then will have our tea time and dinner end of the day.

Day 4: Pampa Cahuana – Paucar Cancha – Llullucha Pampa

You will have a wakeup call by our amazing team then we will have our breakfast after we will start with our hike still going down for 2 hours more or less all the way to Paucar Cancha Inca site which we will explore then enjoy our lunch after lunch we will meet our Inca trail porter and we will say goodbye our Salkantay porters and leave some appreciation to them after this small ceremony we will continue with our adventure still we have to continue going down until we connect to the official Inca trail in a little town (Waylla Bamba) from here we will start going up we will go under a beautiful Andean trees known as (Polilepis Incana)for like 3 hour more or less until we get to LLullucha Pampa where our porters will be waiting for us with a warm welcome to the camp

DAY 5: Llullucha Pampa – Pacaymayu – Chaquicocha

We will have a nice wakeup call with hot coca tea then breakfast after breakfast we will conquer dead women’s pass. We will hike roughly for  2 hours in order to get to the highest point of the Inca trail, dead women’s pass (4215 meters 13828 ft.) along the way you will see beautiful native forest ones you are at the pass our super porters will be waiting for the group in order to offer hot tea after you enjoy your tea you will have some time to enjoy the view and get some photos and then we hike down for one hour and a half to Pacaymayo in where we will have our lunch stop. After lunch, we have another four more hours of a hike to the campsite (Chaqui Ccocha) along you will stop on the Inca sites on the way up we have one called as (Runku Raccay) and on the way down we have another Inca site (Sayacmarca) them camp!.

DAY 6: Chaquiccocha – wiñaywayna!

This day will be one of the easiest days through some of the most beautiful scenery of the Inca trail, we will hike for two hours locally call (Inca flat) and begin to enter the jungle or cloud forest. As we hike will be able to see the majesty of Salkantay Mountain the second highest snow-capped mountain and a fantastic panoramic view of Vilcabamba mountain range on our right site we will see Veronica glacial ones again twenty more minutes get to the third pass and last one along our trek Phuyupatamarca (3600 meters) from where we’ll have a majestic views overlooking the Urubamba valley and best view of the Andes mountains in the distance. From here we’ll have our first view of Machu Picchu Mountain the citadel is in the backside of the mountain. From Phuyupatamarka it is a three hours hike down the stairs on the way we will see three Inca sites (Phuyupatamarka, Intipata, and Wiñay Wayna) of course you’ll have time to visit those places because we are going to camp at wiñay Wayna which is going to be our lunch stop.
After lunch, we’ll have a proper siesta and then your tour guide will take to the most beautiful Inca site it only ten minutes away from the camp so don’t miss here you will have time to explore them you have to go back to the camp enjoy dinner with our team. After our delicious dinner, we will say goodbye it is an Inca trail tradition to show our appreciation for their hard job done. We advise you to go to bet at a reasonable time because the following morning we will get up early in order to be one of the first at the checkpoint.

DAY 7: Wiñay Wayna – Machupicchu!

Today is the highlight of the trek. Waking up early in the morning you’ll head straight to the checkpoint there you will wait until they open the gate 5:30 am then you will head to the sun gate from where you will have the first view of Machu Pichu after you enjoy the view you will hike down to Machupicchu will take about 45 minutes you will get your postcard picture them you have to get out of Machupicchu in order to organize and use the toilet ones you are ready you will explore the citadel for two hours with your tour guide after the tour you will have your free time in order to explore more, if you have permits to hike either Waynapicchu or Machu Picchu mountain. Your guide will give you your bus tickets to go down to Machu Picchu Pueblo as well will offer you a meeting point in a restaurant to enjoy your last lunch in a local restaurant, of course, this is optional.
In the afternoon you will take the train back to Ollantaytambo in where our bus driver will be waiting for you with Andean Soul Adventure logo and take you back to Cuzco.


What you need to take

What you need to take:

  • Original Passport
  • ISIC card (if you are a student and want to qualify for the discount)
  • Walking boots
  • Waterproof jacket/rain poncho
  • Warm jacket
  • Hat and gloves
  • T-shirts
  • Comfortable Trousers
  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream (factor 35 or higher)
  • Insect repellant
  • Toiletries and hand sanitizer
  • Personal medication
  • Camera
  • Torch with spare batteries
  • First aid kit

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