From all the outstanding destinies there are on the Andes mountains, Ausangate is one you won’t forget. Unbelievable views, beautiful crystal lagoons, and perfect nature define the trek to Ausangate.

The fifth highest mountain of Peru awaits, are you ready for the traditional Ausangate 4 days’ trek? This is why will fall in love with the Ausangate mountain.

The beautiful Andean mountain range

These mountains reach 20.000 feet high, and presume majestic white ridges full of snow to enjoy the landscape. Blended with green plains, perfect to have a picnic while feeling the soft breeze. In Ausangate you breathe freedom from the purest natural air.

Ausangate 4 days paso Arapa

Ausangate 4 days paso Arapa- route to Vinicunca rainbow mountain

Why in the Ausangate trek you see a mountain called the rainbow mountain?

In the Ausangate to Vinicunca trek you will visualize a mountain with seven different colors! This miracle was created by the erosion phenomenon naturally during hundreds of years, it’s a god’s masterpiece on earth.

This is a multi-facet experience, you will experience stunning stony hikes, nice natural grass, and icy climbs! Not to mention the cute llama packages all around the place completing the ecosystem by eating the grass.

And you? Would you like to have a llama eating from your hand? Go for your Ausangate trek now!

How’s the Ausangate trek?

Trekking through the Ausangate mountain will make you tired, but the views will pay the difficulties. This trip is an eye-opening experience, looking at the marvels of the Ausangate to Vinicunca and Cusco is one of the best experiences.

This is an overall of your whole trip, which takes five days, the trek is separated by days:

  1. You’ll go from the southern part of Cusco to Puerto Maldonado. Here is where the trip will start. You will rapidly climb 3000 meters over the sea level up to TInke. You will be accompanied by a magic landscape.
  2. Here the stony and snowy range of mountains will start, you are already on foot. You’ll see the beautiful “vizcachas” an animal similar to the rabbit, don’t worry they won’t bite you. You will end the journey in Ausangate Qocha, a local town.
  3. On the third day, you’ll be wasted, but the beautiful animals and landscapes will still be with you. Here you will see the green beauty of the trek to Ausangate.
  4. This is the last day of the trip, technically, in which you will see the beautiful Vinicunca rainbow mountain from the viewpoint we will have an incredible view of the mountain itself and the stunning Ausagante glacier then back to Cusco
  5. having experienced an amazing trek to the Ausangate mountain! You can continue your adventure to Machu Picchu!

The History of the Ausangate 4 days’ trek

Are you still not convinced to come to the Ausangate trip? You should know this is a sacred route. The trek is made to honor the Apu Ausangate deity, as the mountain is considered so by the locals.

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