The Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca Peru
                           The Rainbow Mountain of Palccoyo Peru

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Ausangate trek to Vinicunca Rainbow mountain

Ausangate It is one of the spiritual routes, of magical-religious character by the presence of the Cordillera del Vilcanota where the highest snowfall is imposed. This trek takes place above 4000 m.s. until reaching 5200 m.s.n.m. during our tour

Palccoyo Rainbow mountain & Queswachaca Bridge

explore the amazing 3 rainbow mountains Palccoyo only one hour hike round trip! combine this natural beauty with stone forest and the last Inca bridge called Queswachaca where you will see the hanging that the Incas used to build to cross the rivers. you can challenge to cross over the bridge!!

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tours, Palccoyo the Mountain of Colors in Cusco,Tour palccoyo Hike to the mountain Palccoyo is located at 4,900 meters. The mountain of Palccoyo is located in the community of the same name, in the district of Checacupe, province of Canchis, department of Cusco.

Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca

The Mountain of 7 Colors or Rainbow Mountain (Rainbow Mountain) or more known by locals as Cerro Colorado, is located in Vinicunca, province of Quipicanchis, department of Cusco. Its geological formations reveal all their splendor, in contrast to the blue sky forming a formidable barrier between the desert of the coast and the Amazon jungle, dominated by the beautiful snowy Ausangate (6,384 m), one of the great apus of this region.