Why Andean Soul Adventure?

Andean Soul Adventure Cusco is one of the unique Peru tour companies that keep their customers as a top priority, respecting all religious beliefs, customs, traditions, languages, cultures, and political opinions. While working with local communities by using their transportation, accommodations, and foods in the process of development within the tourism of Peru.

We work to commit efficiency, and flexibility and we are available to organize your lifetime trip to Peru- the Incan Empire. We work with local travel professionals that are ready to make certain that every aspect of your stay in our region is not just an encounter with a foreign culture, but a fascinating, faultless, and above all extraordinary service.

Specialize in offering private tours throughout Peru (coast – mountain -jungle).  We also operate all the tours- adventure, cultural, ecological, special interest trips, family packages, trekking, and mountaineering.

Local 100% Peruvian 10 years of experience in tourism (Based in Cusco)

 Travel Agency and Tour operator in Cusco Peru

  • We treat our team of porters the best with proper equipment, wages, and health insurance for everyone
  • Best Tour guides (Fluent English)
  • Master Chefs The best in the Cusco region
  • The food provided on our treks is the best (buffet Style and plenty of food)
  • The best Camping Equipment (spacious tents 4 season aluminum poles tents, Eating and Cooking tents, Portable table and chairs, and more…)
  • No hidden prices or Surprises We Never Pass you onto another tour operator as most travel agencies do here. We will depart with a minimum of 02 persons.
    We never share services with other companies as most travel agencies do here to minimize cost. (That’s why porters are overloaded because they are forced to carry for 2 or 3 different companies).
  •  Small groups and personalized services we also Cater to Large groups
  • A sustainable and eco-friendly tour company
  • Committed to social projects and improving living conditions for the children of Peru. Lots of facilities to book any expedition in Peru.


We offer quality and personalized tours, on any of the treks that you will choose.

Convinced that tourism can and must be a road towards the development of Peru, we will continue to act as good Peruvians and seek to improve the welfare of our country, especially for its neediest citizens.


To actively participate in the development of Peruvian society in which culture, education, and equal opportunity for development are accessible to all.


To promote access to culture, education, and equal opportunity for all Peruvians.

To Foster inclusive and self-sustainable development projects in communities where tourism-related opportunities exist to encourage the responsible participation of our local, and national.

And global stakeholders in the activities of the foundation to create an enriching and engaging encounters between Peruvians.

To operate at all times in a manner sensitive to and supportive of Peru’s amazingly rich but extremely delicate natural and social environments

To provide our visitors to Peru with inspiring, memorable moments


  • Honesty.
  • Friendship.
  • Punctuality.
  • Teamwork.
  • Creativity.
  • Quality of service.
  • Integrity.
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