Inca Quarry trek to Ollantaytambo

Inca Quarry trek to Ollantaytambo

Inca Quarry trek to Ollantaytambo

Love adventure and you looking for new routes to explore this amazing Andes mountain this route can be for you!!
How to get to the starting point of the trek.

from Cusco, you have to hire transportation to the starting point of the trek a small village called Socma a private transportation will cost you around 100 soles. In case you want you to want to save money you can take local transportation that is going to Ollantaytambo but you have to get off in a place called Pachar, cross the bridge then follow the valley up for about 1 hour more or less until you will find a fork going to the right before you get to the fork you will see some cave paintings once you cross the small river you will find a lot of zigzags following the bus road but there is a shortcut that you can follow and save time and you will arrive at the small village.


The starting point of the trek

From this place you will have the view of the small Inca site so you will hike in that direction you will still follow the dusty road for like 30 more minutes then you will take the small path that will lead you to the wonderful waterfall, after you enjoy the waterfall you will continue with the adventure up the stairs for like 10 minutes until you will get to the viewpoint from where you will have a spectacular view to the Socma Valley, following the path you will arrive in the Inca site called Perolniyuc a lovely Incan site built over the waterfall with incredible view to the valley after you explore this place you have to continue to the small community of Rayaniyuc where you can spend a night at an elevation of 3800m 12467ft .

Day 02

This day you will get to the highest point of your hike after a goo breakfast you will be ready to conquer the Andes Mountains from the camp you will go up in zigzag like in two hours you will be above the tree line where you a lot of Andean grass and of course a unique view one more hour to the top from where you will have the view to the both valleys Socma valley and the sacred valley of the Incas in the back.

The majestic Veronica snow-cap mountain irrigating the sacred valley, here you will find a fork one going for the upper part the other one lower but both are going to the same point you better follow the lower one this one has a better view.

you will hike in direction to veronica to the next summit for like one hour and a half will be up and down, the last section will be a bit uphill this is the highest point up your trek you can climb a bit more to the right in order to have better view in case you want to have a 360 view you have to go the left this will take you like 25 minutes extra after you enjoy the views

All down from here

you will start with the downhill for about three hours the beginning is gravelly and steep for this you will need walking sticks the next section will be moderate after two hours more or less you will arrive at the sun gate if the weather is nice you will have a spectacular view of this incredible Inca sun gate and of course in back will be veronica from this place as well you.

will have a great view to the sacred valley of the Incas especially to the town of Ollantaytambo then 25 minutes more of going down you will arrive to small Inca site called Choquetacarpo depending of your time you can spend a night here, in case you are early you can continue until Ollantaytambo which is 2 and ½ more to go all downhill along the way you see the cachiqata quarry from this place the incas transported stones to build the sun temple at Ollantaytambo as well you will see the small thumbs, once you arrive to Ollantaytambo.

here you find hotel, hostel for different prices but if you are sure that you will arrive in two days you can book in advance or if you are planning to continue to Machupicchu you can book the last train to Machupicchu this must be book in advance especially in high season April to September then you will need a hotel in Machupicchu Pueblo (Aguas calientes) and the following day you can visit the lost city of the incas you can go by bus which cost 24 usd round trip or you can hike you need to buy your entrance in advance or the last place to buy would be In the town not at the entrance

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