Humantay Lake full day

 starting from USD 120 per person


Breakfast and Lunch

         Group Size

           Up to 8 People

          M. Altitude




                Cusco – Mollepata – Sorapaypampa – Lake Humantay

Hike to the colorful lake in Cusco

Humantay Lake is the hidden gem is Cusco, this colorful lake you can visit in one full-day tour starting from Cusco it is becoming so famous due to the turquoise color just below one glacier with the same name.

If you have a spare day in Cusco, you must go it is worth visiting! Humantay is a glacier Lake it is surrounded by the big Andes mountains like Salkantay and Humantay both big glacier mountains these mountains provide a great backdrop to the lake of Humantay.

lake Humanatay is a crucial source of water for the locals, especially for agriculture in the valley of Mollepata and surrounding areas.

During the day you will experience incredible views as well long you drive once you get close to Soraypaypa you will see the two big mountains towering which are considered sacred by the local people once you arrive you can understand the reason.


  • big towering mountains Salkantay and Humamatay
  • turquoise-colored glacier water
  • breathtaking views
  • tour led by an expert guide
  • Breakfast & Lunch included prepared for our team
  • feel the powerful energy of the Andes mountains

Humantay lake full day

  • Pick up time is 4:30 am in your hotel in Cusco
  • it takes 30 hours of bus drive until the Humantay trailhead
  • takes 2 hours to go up to the lake and  1.5 to come back
  • you will have 1 hour or more to explore the area around the lake but it will depend on the weather conditions
  • you will be back in Cusco at 5 pm
  • the hike is 6 kilometers round trip

our incredible day tour starts with the pick up at 4:30 in your hotel in our private van and drives until the trailhead the drive takes 3 hours more or less we will pass by different towns like Anta big agriculture and cattle rising then we will start descending to Limatambo small valley perfect place to grow avocados then we will drive up again to the small village of Mollepata the Humantay lake belongs to this place from this place we have 45 more to get to the trailhead Soraypampa this place is an official campsite along the Salkantay trek 5 days here we will stop and enjoy our breakfast before we start our adventure to the Humantay Lake.

During the day you will experience incredible views as well as long you drive once you get close to Soraypaypa you will see the two big mountains towering which are considered sacred by the local people once you arrive you can understand the reason.

after the delicious and nutritious breakfast prepared by our chef, we will get ready for the hike up to the turquoise lake of Humantay, and you have the last instructions from the tour guide.

remember that you will be hiking in a stone terrain so we recommend you go slow in you take walking poles is a great idea because will help you with your balance and help you climb up the hill at this elevation the oxygen is thin so take it easy stop whenever you want and always drink your water and look back the views are amazing, you will be hiking for 2 hours up and the distance is 3 kilometers.

after your effort of hiking up the hill, you will witness the hidden gem of Humantay the glacier lake as you approach you will see that the water is originated from the same snow of the Huamnatay glacier which is why the turquoise color, try to walk around the lake and climb on the rocky areas because the higher your the most turquoise is the lake and as well you can have a panoramic view!

After you enjoy the natural beauty we will start descending to Soraypampa where we will have our lunch after lunch we will drive back to Cusco and we will drive you off to your hotel arrival time at 5 pm end of Humantay lake!

Include in the tour

  • Pre-departure briefing
  • Round trip transportation
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Entrance tickets to Humantay lake
  • professional tour guide
  • first aid kit

Not included

  • Dinner
  • horse for riding
  • tips to the crew
  • Personal gear
The Humantay lake is high up in the mountains at an elevation of 4,200 m, before you decided to go on this incredible day tour we recommend you at least to stay two days in Cusco or explore day tours in Cusco like the Sacred valley tour or the Cusco city tour which are perfect to acclimate while you in Cusco otherwise will be so the top and can be even dangerous due to the altitude sickness.
we offer only private service the price goes from:

  • USD 120   two participants in the group
  • USD 105   3 participants in the group
  • USD 95     4 participants in the group
  • USD 80     5 participants in the group
  • USD 65     6 participants in the group
  • USD 50     7 or more participants in the group
Thank you so much for booking with us the sacred valley tour. We will work really hard to make a lifetime experience for you.

Contact us with any questions…we are here to help.



Per person


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