When it comes to visiting the Amazon, Brazil and Colombia are excellent choices, but Peruvian Amazon is a fantastic experience in itself.

Although deforestation in the region was a rising concern, a recent initiative will see nearly 41 million acres of Peruvian Amazon receive permanent protection.

What is Peruvian Amazon?

The 13% of the Amazon’s rainforests‘ square footage belongs to Peru, second only to Brazil. Peru offers a lot in terms of history and nature apart from Machu Pichu, Rainbow Mountain, or Sacred Valley.

Although the Peruvian rainforest comprises 60% of the country’s entirety, only 5% of the Peruvian population resides there. Despite the scarce population, the indigenous people and cultural aspect is another reason you should consider putting the Peruvian Amazon on your travel list.

When’s the Best Time to Visit?

The great thing about visiting the Peruvian Amazon jungle is that you can explore it throughout the year. Despite the enormity, the weather conditions hardly vary between seasons, so you can expect warm, humid, and rainy weather whenever you visit the Peruvian Amazon

The wet season is between January and June, while July to December is the dry season. However, heavy showers can occur throughout the year, but if you’re planning to explore on foot, the second half of the year is the better choice as it’s drier than the first half of the year.


How Can I Get There?

There are several ways you can explore the Peruvian Amazon. For instance, Andean Soul Adventure’s 5-day Amazon Jungle Tour begins from Puerto Maldonado, a Southeastern Peru city. During this tour, you can explore the magical conjugation of vibrant forests, swamps, and rivers.

What Will I Get to See?

When you’re on the Amazon Jungle tour, you can expect to see exotic fauna and flora that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. For instance, the Amazon rainforest is home to 10% of our world’s known species which is pretty exciting if you love wildlife!

You can also find fascinating floral species such as giant water lilies, spaghetti passion flowers, and much more! In short, a trip to the Peruvian Amazon will be filled with so much entertaining and informative stuff that the nature lover in you will be satiated.

Visit Peruvian Amazon With Andean Soul Adventure

If you’re interested in visiting Amazon in Peru, rest assured that Andean Soul Adventure offers the best tour packages, and we’ll plan your vacation trip for you perfectly! You can also check out our Cusco City tours, and Machu Picchu trips to go with your Amazon Forest adventure!

Andean Soul Adventure offers something for everyone. We’re a local tour organizer and travel agency in Peru that offers comprehensive travel services to make your trip to Peru an unforgettable one. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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