Andean Soul Adventure is an expression of the institutional commitment and social responsibility, Andean Soul Adventure has towards Peru. It was created in order to mobilize the stakeholders of our organizations, namely. Our guests, our staff and their families, our partners and clients. Our allies and suppliers, the communities and environment in which we participate and on which we have an impact.

Andean soul adventure is 100% Peruvian is based in Cusco Peru. It was created by Juan Carlos Sota who was raised in the Andes of Peru. Since he was 16 years he has worked as a porter on the Inca trail and then as a guide. Born and raised in the Sacred Valley, his first language is Quechua he attended to school there, then had to move to Cusco where he completed his studies in tourism at the university. Growing up in a small community of Quechua-speaking farmers ignited his soul and passion for hiking and explore their heritage.

As natives and locals, we know these Inca trails like the backs of our hands and are passionate about protecting our natural and most treasured resources. Unfortunately, some other companies are not so vigilant and we are concerned about the environmental impact. We hope to lead by example, by giving excellent service to you while conserving and respecting our natural resources and people.


We offer quality and personalize tours, in any of the treks that you will choose.

Convinced that tourism can and must be a road towards the development of Peru, we will continue to act as good Peruvians and seek to improve the welfare of our country, especially for its neediest citizens.


To actively participate in the development of Peruvian society in which culture, education and equal opportunity for development are accessible to all.


To promote Access to culture, education and equal opportunity for all Peruvians.

To Foster inclusive and self-sustainable development projects in communities where tourism-related opportunities exist to encourage the responsible participation of our local, national.

And global stakeholders in the activities of the foundation to create an enriching and engaging encounters between Peruvians.

To operate at all times in a manner sensitive to and supportive of Peru’s amazingly rich but extremely delicate natural and social environments

To provide to our visitors to Peru with inspiring, memorable moments

Our values

  • Honesty.
  • Friendship.
  • Punctuality.
  • Teamwork.
  • Creativity.
  • Quality of service.
  • Integrity.

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